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2005 Harslevelu Reviews!


What an insightful review!  We are pleased to share it with you.  It goes like this:


"There are some things that are difficult to explain... Stonehenge, string theory, this wine.

For openers it’s from a varietal that isn’t all that well known outside Hungary, Harslevelu (harsh-lay-veloo), typically used in the making of dessert Tokaji.  Besides being generally unfamiliar, it is also an old white, typically an uncomfortable place for most wine buyers. 


Yet in spite of all of that, we couldn’t resist this stunning, mentally challenging, delightfully geeky offering.  It’s challenging because there is no precedent in our experience for this varietal made this way.


There are many things to consider with this wine should one want to take the time to consider how a white that is approaching its eighth birthday can still be this layered and lively when a lot of expensive white Burgundies of the same age have faded already.  


You could also just enjoy it for what it is.  Our best description is that of a well made demi-sec Vouvray, with a hint of sweetness, a round, slightly waxy mouth feel and white and yellow stone fruit flavors with notes of orange rind and a delicate minerality. 


It’s something special, completely unexpected, and actually a pretty spectacular value given what it delivers.  Harslevelu for all my friends?"


Wine Exchage Stock Report May 2013


A wonderful impression from August 2014:


John Szabo MS, WineAlign: 

"And here’s another beautifully mature wine that still has lots of life left, from an artisanal producer in Tokaj. Although the label says dry, it’s more like a gentle late-harvest style with the merest sensation of sweetness, and complexity is off the charts. Look for the saliva-inducing saltiness of volcanic terroir underlying the weighty ensemble – for $25 this is a real tour de flavour. Best 2014-2018."


Thank you!




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